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  • Welcome

    My Name is Philipp Lange, I’m 14 years old and I go to the Hans Maier Realschule in Ichenhausen.
    Ichenhausen is in Bavaria, in the south of Germany.

    Last Year I attended an elective course, called NFTE (Network for teaching entrepreneurship). I took the first place with my presentation to the jury of managers of real companies. After this, I got the invitation to the German contest in Berlin, where I made the second place and now I represent Germany in the European contest in Brüssel.

  • The Idea

    My idea was, that the ways from the classrooms to the assembly hall, where the central lockers are, are too long. That’s why I invented the locker. With my idea every pupil has his own locker very close by himself at the desk.

    The locker will be fixed to the desk, so that the desk won’t be damaged. The universal fixing set can be mounted on every desk. It’s fixed from inside the locker and the locker is closeable with a lock.

    The Jury, the pupil and the teachers were all confident of my idea. Meanwhile I took out a patent for my retrofitable locker. The locker is available in two colors and can be purchased from schools, organized from the parents association or also directly.

    If you are interested in my school lockers, you can download the flyer or send me a mail. I’m looking forward to your enquiry.

  • retrofitable locker

    retrofitable locker Flyer as PDF